Chainsaws trainings:

  1. Bar maintenance and saw chain sharpening (1d)
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  2. Working safe with a chainsaw 1 Basic * (Bore-cut, cross-cutting, kick-back control, towing, stacking & handling of wood) 1d.
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  3. Working safe with a chainsaw 2 Advance * (basic felling, use of forestry tools, different felling techniques) 1d.
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  4. Working safe with a chainsaw 3 Expert * (Advanced felling, use of Steering lines, pull line, winch, Forest jack) 3d.
  5. Pruning trees with Pole chainsaw (1d.)

  6. Working safe with a BATTERY chainsaw (Maintenance, Bore-cut, cross-cutting, kick-back control, basic felling, different felling techniques and what are the limits) 3d.
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* These courses can only be followed if the previous ones have already been followed.



Brushcutter trainings:

  • Application, maintenance and sharpening of brush cutters and cutting tools: Nylon head, grass blade, saw blade, rotary shears. (1d)

  • Working safely with a brushcutter (Adjusting the harness, applying the correct working technique, adjusting the different cutting attachments, ...) 1d.
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  • Clearing and thinning with the brushcutter and saw blade 2d.


Hedge trimmer trainings:

  • Application, maintenance and choice of machine in hedge shearing. 1d. Book now


Cutt-off saws trainings:

  • Application, maintenance, machine, cart and disc choice when cutting concrete, asphalt, steel, etc. 1d. Technical training: Carburettor repair & adjustment 1d.

Technical trainings:

  • Maintenance 2T engines 1d.
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  • Maintenance 4T engines 1d.
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  • Maintenance Battery machines 1d. Book now

  • 2T expert training 10d.


Other trainings:

  • Planting trees and shrubs 1d.

  • Pruning trees from the ground 1d.

  • Wood splitting 1d.
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